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“pigeon rotation”

"Pidove is a mainly gray, pigeon-like Pokémon. It has golden, oval eyes and a tuft of feathers atop its rounded head. It has a short, black beak with a bulbous pink cere, and a black patch on the nape of its neck. There is a wide, heart-shaped area of lighter coloration on its chest. Pidove’s black wings have a thick gray stripe down the side. It has pink feet with black talons.

Pidove is not particularly intelligent. While it always listens to its Trainer’s commands, it does not always understand them. Having no fear of people, flocks of Pidove are often found in city parks and plazas. The cooing of these flocks can be very noisy.”

  • Tourist: Could you give us directions to Olive Garden?
  • New Yorker: No, but oh my god the chat thing changed oh god oh god
  • Tourist: oh jesus what the fuck
  • New Yorker: god help us


Took a while but yeah, planning to sell all the megukas as stickers!



zorin-blitz replied:

あなたの特権を検査しなさい: @Horse_ebook's most retweeted tweets (in order)


  • Worms – oh my god WORMS
  • “This is not acceptable!” I screamed as Kathy drowned
  • Is the dance floor calling? No
  • Ask your dumbass friends if they know of a reputable artist.
  • You re About To Discover A Career Opportunity Where You Will NEVER Be Laid
  • NO-ONE should have to go…


In your life, there have been a lot of things that you understand. You understand the subtleties of timing that separate a guy who is just a little funny from a comedic genius; why Disney continues to make Air Bud sequels despite the fact that it totally started sucking after about the third movie; why your girl friends sometimes watch you with this strange look, like they can’t decide to scold you or pity you for not being as scary-smart as them.

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“People say to the mentally ill, ‘You know so many people think the world of you.’ But when they don’t like themselves they don’t notice anything. They don’t care about what people think of them. When you hate yourself, whatever people say it doesn’t make sense. ‘Why do they like me? Why do they care about me?’ Because you don’t care about yourself at all.”

-Richey Edwards
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